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Technical gases

Technical gases accompany us at every step of our daily lives. Take a look at the wide range of technical gases offered by Istrabenz Plini.

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Under the auspices of the SIAD Group

SIAD has been a reliable partner for more than 90 years, offering its customers high quality of technical gases and innovative, efficient and customised solutions.

Under the auspices of the parent SIAD Group, Istrabenz Plini and its experts are committed to constant product improvement and the adaptation to production processes.


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Take a look at our wide range of technical gases.

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Food-Grade Gases

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Istrabenz Plini and the SIAD Group are reliable partners in offering efficient and innovative solutions for the use of gases in various food and beverage production processes, to improve product safety, sustainability and quality.

The production and distribution of gases and gas mixtures for the food industry at Istrabenz Plini is certified in accordance with SIST EN ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems).

Food-grade gases are used for protective atmosphere packaging, food cooling, thermoregulation and freezing of meat and bakery products, carbonated beverage production and in wine fermentation processes.

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Gases for welding and cutting

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Istrabenz Plini provides a wide range of gases to meet the needs of the most demanding users and specific applications in metal fabrication.

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Download the brochure Gas, services and innovation for metal welding and cutting

Refrigerant gases

Istrabenz Plini offers a wide range of refrigerant gases to maintain low temperatures in refrigeration systems, air conditioners and heat pumps. A range of gases is available, divided into groups according to the chemical composition (HFO, HFO MIX, HFC), GWP value and origin (natural, synthetic).

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Specialty gases

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Specialty gases are produced by the SIAD Group and are used for applications where special purity and composition of the gas mixture, precise preparation and special analysis are required. 

Specialty gases are used for laboratory purposes, for process control and in certain manufacturing processes. Our range includes high purity and very high purity gases, noble gases and gas mixtures produced in accordance with ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 by ACCREDIA Italia’s SIAD-accredited laboratory LAT Centre No. 143.

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Medical gases

Istrabenz Plini is a reliable partner for the supply of medical gases to hospitals, healthcare institutions and other customers.

Medical oxygen is produced at Istrabenz Plini in accordance with the current Authorisation for manufacturing medicinal products, while other medical gases are distributed in accordance with the current Licence for wholesale marketing of medicinal products.

Medical gases can be used as:

  • breathing gases,
  • gases for hyperbaric chambers,
  • diagnostic gases,
  • clinical laboratory gases.

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Reporting of adverse events in the use of medical gases

Contact for the reporting of adverse events in the use of medical gases.

[ farmakovigilanca@istrabenzplini.si ]

Application areas of technical gases

Technical gases are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, both for traditional applications such as welding, metallurgical processes, medicine, protective atmospheres in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for innovative applications such as waste water treatment, additive production, carbon dioxide recovery, laser and other material cutting processes, biogas plants, optical fibre production, activated carbon regeneration and so forth. 

Any solution which we propose to the user is verified, if necessary, by tests and pilot devices in the user’s plant. In this way, we strive for a customised solution that best suits the specific needs of the user’s production process.

Learn more about the aplication areas and applied technologies on the SIAD Group website.


When you are using our Istrabenz Plini products, we offer a full range of services and a choice of the most suitable equipment for the safe use of gases and materials. Our experts in the SIAD Group develop new solutions for the use and supply of gases, customised for your production process.

Istrabenz Plini services are:

  • design and manufacture of turnkey gas distribution systems
  • servicing and maintenance of the gas distribution system: technical safety inspections, maintenance of distribution facilities
  • training, education and technical assistance
  • delivery methods: cylinders, cylinder bundles, mobile and fixed pressure vessels for the storage of gases in the liquid phase, “on-site” systems
  • remote monitoring of the contents of pressure vessels
  • supply of equipment for the safe use of gases

For more information on services, please visit the SIAD Group website.

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