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Natural gas for companies

Istrabenz plini provides a reliable supply of natural gas for your company.

Why is natural gas a good choice for your company?

It is a reliable, environmentally friendly and economical way how to heat your company premises.More


Natural gas is a natural source of energy

Learn more about natural gas, which offers you a practical, versatile and ecologically friendly way to heat your household with high energy efficiency.

Transition to natural gas

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Offers for small business customers

You can find all the information about contracts, general terms and conditions, supplier switching process, price lists, additional services and complaint handling procedure in one place.

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Offers to other business and industrial customers

Contact us for a personalised and affordable offer.

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Safety tips

How to use natural gas safely? Read the safety instructions and learn about the procedures to follow in the event of a gas leak.

Safe use


Report your gas meter reading

You can report your gas meter reading in the last five days of the current month:

via MojPlin user portal

The MojPlin user portal gives you an easy way to monitor your gas consumption, issued invoices and report meter readings.

or call a toll-free number 080 1228


Let us take care of the energy supply, so you can focus on your business.

Check out our other comprehensive business solutions. We offer you a comprehensive energy supply.


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