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LPG in bulks for households

Choose complete independence from the network and opt for LPG stored in a bulk next to your house.

What are the benefits of using liquefied petroleum gas?

Get an environmentally friendly way to heat your household.More


Suitable for new users

Suitable for the users who are new to LPG and want an independent, environmentally friendly and versatile energy supply.

Transition to LPG

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For existing users

Are you a user of Istrabenz Plini liquefied petroleum gas? Here you can find all the information you need to use LPG in gas storage facilities more efficiently and safely.

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Safety tips

Check tips on how to use LPG safely in bulks and how to maintain bulks.

Safe use

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Report your gas meter reading

You can report your gas meter reading in the last five days of the current month:

via MojPlin user portal

The MojPlin user portal gives you an easy way to monitor your gas consumption, issued invoices and report meter readings.

or call a toll-free number 080 1228


Advantages of energy gas supply

Discover the key benefits of using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for heating in your home.

It is a reliable and network-independent source of energy.

You can replace it with natural gas or vice versa at any time and at minimal cost. It is also user-friendly, allowing easy regulation and control of consumption.

Natural gas is a cleaner burning fossil fuel as it does not pollute the air or groundwater. When burned, it produces fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

Save on space as LPG can be stored outside the building in a gas storage tank (above ground or buried in the ground) and gas appliances do not take up extra space.

Economical and fast heating, with high calorific value and maximum energy efficiency.

Istrabenz plini can take care of everything you need to switch to LPG in your household.

The solution includes:

  • free inspection of the facility,
  • professional consultancy at home,
  • installation and connection of gas storage tank and gas installations,
  • control maintenance equipment and services.

The gas can be used for heating, cooling, preparation of the domestic hot water and cooking. All gas storage tanks we use are designed, manufactured, inspected and approved in accordance with the applicable regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia. 

Aas your gas supplier, we do not only take care of the maintenance of the gas storage tank and a sufficient supply of LPG. As your gas supplier, we also take care of statutory inspections.


Find out the key benefits of Autogas (LPG) and where you can refuel with us.


Liquefied petroleum gas and safety

Check tips on how to use LPG safely in gas storage tanks and how to maintain gas storage tanks.


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