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Protection of personal data

Istrabenz plini guarantees the protection of your personal data.

The protection of your personal data and privacy is important for Istrabenz plini d.o.o. For this purpose, the company provides all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data is processed legally, fairly and in a transparent manner.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with all the key information relating to the processing of your personal data. You can find more information in Istrabenz plini’s Privacy Statement.

For additional explanations and information, feel free to contact us at:

Istrabenz plini d.o.o, Bertoki, Sermin 8A, 6000 Koper

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Video surveillance in high-risk plants and company premises/warehouses

We implement video surveillance in all premises of Istrabenz plini, including our stores and other facilities under our control. It was introduced to protect you as well as our employees. We also protect our property through video surveillance.

Video surveillance is carried out at the following locations:

  • Production and distribution unit in Koper (Bertoki, Sermin 8A) and Novo Mesto (Podbevškova ulica 8)
  • Production and distribution unit Celje (Plinarniška ulica 1)
  • Dolinska gas plant – Koper
  • Tank storage – Ilirska Bistrica

Before introducing video surveillance, we thought carefully about how to place the cameras in such a way that they would interfere as little as possible with the privacy of our customers, visitors, external colleagues, as well as our employees.
Thus, when implementing video surveillance, we really try to
protect only those areas that are absolutely necessary.

The areas where video surveillance is carried out are clearly marked.

Legal basis: legitimate interest – protection of people and property (Article 76, Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 163/22) (ZVOP-2)).

Use and processing of video surveillance data: The operator of the video surveillance system provides for each inspection or use of recordings the possibility of subsequently determining which recordings were processed, when and how they were used or to whom they were forwarded, who performed these processing actions, when and with what purposes or legal basis. This data is kept in the processing log referred to in Article 22 of this Act for two years after the end of the year in which it was generated.

Categories of video surveillance data users: maintainer of the video surveillance system, contact person of security service, state authorities (e.g. Police) – if lawful ground exist.

Limit on storage time: maximum 1 year

Special effects of processing: live monitoring.

Contact for further clarification: or

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